St. Vincent DePaul Mission

Waterbury, Connecticut, U.S.A.


Frequently Asked Questions

Thrift Store

Who do I call to have my furniture picked up?
You may call Flora at the Thrift Store at (203) 754-3695.

How long in advance do I need to call?
Please call one to two weeks in advance.

What furniture do you take?
We take furniture that is in good condition, slightly used, and not torn or soiled.  We will also pick up household items that are too big to fit in a car.

Will you pick up clothing?
We do not pick up clothing, unless we are picking up furniture also.

What towns do you pick up in?
We pick up from the thirteen towns surrounding Waterbury.

Can I get a “TAX RECEIPT”?
Yes.  The driver or store manager will give you a receipt.

Do you SELL my furniture?
Yes and no.   Homeless people and poor people sent to the store by State Agencies or one of the Homeless Shelters in Waterbury can get free furniture, household items and clothing.  People with an income are expected to make a donation (purchase) for the items they want. These funds are used to maintain the store, pay utility costs, staff, and fuel. Any excess funds are used to support the Soup Kitchen.


Homeless Shelter

How long can a person stay at the Shelter?
As long as the homeless person proves to be removing the obstacles causing their homelessness, there is no time limit.

What is your capacity?
The Shelter has 126 beds and nine bedrooms, with 50 beds for women and women with children. All adult males must sleep in the men's dormitory.

Where do the homeless people eat?
The men eat in the male dining room and the women and children eat in the family dinning room.

We had a party and have extra food.  Can you take it?
Yes, as long as it was stored properly, it can be brought to the Shelter any time. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Do you take clothes, furniture or household items?
No! All these items should be brought to The Thrift Store. We do not have storage space. The homeless people get vouchers from their case manager to obtain these items at no cost.  However, we do accept personal hygiene items, socks, towels and twin size sheets and blankets.


Soup Kitchen

We had a party and have extra food can you take it?
Yes, all food items are accepted Monday to Saturday 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

What if you are closed when I get there?
Bring the food to the Shelter.

What do I need to register for free groceries?
Identification, a rent receipt, and proof of number of children.

What do I need to get a meal?
Just come in and be hungry. No one is sent away who is hungry. However, an intoxicated person not acting in a socially acceptable manner may not be served.


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